What to Wear to a Movie Premiere

Me, eating complimentary movie popcorn at Ziegfeld Theater #singlegirldinner 

When I received an invitation from my friend Peter to attend the premiere of Paul Thomas Anderson's new film The Master, I was delighted because: (a) I hadn't seen a good movie in a while, (b) I'd never been to a movie premiere before, and (c) I was looking forward to the celeb-spotting.

But like most New York City girls, the main question on my mind was: "What do I wear?!" So I contacted a movie producer friend who gave the following advice: "Wear a dress that you would wear to a nice dinner. Not a gown–or even a cocktail dress. Just a nice dress and heels." 

Having a black tank dress in your wardrobe goes a long way, I have to say. I ended up wearing mine with a black lace blazer and a pair of statement heels, which struck juuust the right chord. After all, you never know who you might meet at these things.

(Alas, I didn't meet anyone. But Barbara Walters sat behind me!)