A Novel Thanksgiving Dinner

An Instagrammed film still from "Zergüt", a gorgeous film by Chayka Sofia

Growing up in Texas, my family always held a Thanksgiving potluck extravaganza that included three different types of turkeys (traditional, smoked, and deep-fried), cornbread stuffing, cheddar biscuits, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes with giblet gravy, a variety of pies, and much, much more. This display usually took up at least three dining tables. It was a lotta food, but, then again, there were also a lotta people to feed. Thanksgiving was the one day to truly gorge. Let's be thankful for this bounty, we thought, justifying our inevitable food coma. After all, when's the next time I'll be having that autumnal trifecta of turkey, stuffing, and gravy?

My friend Natasha called yesterday and told me that her family was planning a Thanksgiving meal of raw food recipes prepared with vegetables from the farmers' market. They're doing a celebration of wellbeing and health, if you will. I pictured vibrant colors and beautiful compositions; fresh, crisp, and light. I found it incredibly refreshing that the spotlight had been taken off the glory of overstuffing of oneself. With that in mind, I promised myself to tone it down at Thanksgiving dinner this evening by eating smaller portions slowly, so that I will be thankful for not going home with that double-chin feeling. 

I can do this, right?

Happy Thanksgiving!

*To see a trailer of "Zergüt", a film that Natasha's studio Chayka Sofia made, please click here.