Hola from Puerto Vallarta!

I love polo dresses!

I feel like I'm in a completely different dimension of existence. Just yesterday I was clicking around uptown in heels, pulling my black leather jacket closed against the chill, and today I landed in the beautiful resort town of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. I'll be staying at the Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit through the weekend for both business and pleasure. It's a fine line, really--I'm here on a press trip, experiencing the resort so that I can write a travelogue for Phoenix International (formerly Vivid Magazine), a Chinese luxury lifestyle magazine based in L.A.

It was a long ways from New York City, but has, so far, been well worth it. I came here solo and having a 1,000-square foot suite to myself feels like the ultimate luxury! I couldn't help but roll around on the king sized bed and waltz around the gigantic bathroom. And I can't wait to log in beach time. I'll still do my best to update this blog regularly. In the meantime, you can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram!