The Secrets of Pie Crust from Brown Betty Dessert Boutique

A slice of sweet potato pie and a glass of red wine #singlegirldinner

Baking is not my forte. Twelve years ago, I tried my hand at baking a loaf of Irish soda bread and it turned out like a brick. I haven't made another attempt since. But, tonight, I had a second encounter with baking, thanks to my friend Deanne, who invited me to join her at Soho House for a baking demo with Linda and Norrinda, the mother-daughter duo behind Brown Betty Dessert Boutique. We learned how to make an Apple Brown Betty, oatmeal cookies, and buttermilk & lemon pound cake cupcakes.

Linda was happy to share her tips with us, and, after three glasses of red wine, I managed to remember a few on making a pie crust:

1. In addition to butter, Linda adds vegetable shortening and Philadelphia cream cheese for an extra buttery and flaky crust.

2. When baking the crust, cover the crust with parchment paper and pour three cups of dry beans on top to weigh it down and prevent it from shrinking. Alternatively, you can use a fancy pie weight.

3. Take notes while you're baking, and, if it turns out well, do everything exactly the same way next time!