Crispy Pork Over Rice

8 Bowery Street below Canal Street

My parents used to order a whole roast suckling pig for special occasions, so crispy roast pork has always been on a pedestal for me.  Oh, how I go weak for moist, unctuous chunks of roast pork with its crackled, crunchy, lacquered top, and hints of aromatic Chinese five spice powder seasoning. I can only find this in Chinatown and, contrary to what you may think, it's not offered at every BBQ restaurant. At Yummy Noodle, it's served over a big bed of jasmine rice, with a bit steamed cabbage and a small bowl of brothy seaweed & egg soup. There's also a side of hoisin sauce and ginger scallion oil for dipping. All of this for $4.95. You can also choose to add a fried egg on top for $1.50.