The Sand Dab Discovery

I was dead-set on having Citarella's rotisserie chicken for dinner last night. My mistake was that I didn't get to the store until about 8:30 p.m. and they had already sold out. "Monday night, Miss," said the prepared foods guy, shaking his head apologetically, "They usually sell out by 7 p.m." I circled around the store, evaluating my options before cruising along the seafood display. Salmon? Boring. Tuna? Feels a little too heavy. Halibut? Whoa. Too expensive. Then, I came across these sand dab filets, which were flat and small--not much bigger than the palm of my hand. I decided to give them a try. Sand dabs are a smaller version of flounder, but still have that trademark moist, sweet flesh. I had a vision of crisping them up in a hot pan and then drizzling over a lemon-butter & dill sauce. They're just the right size for a #singlegirldinner. One serving is about four filets, which came out to be a whopping total of $3.95. Dinner is solved.