The Wet Lash Look

Photo from this month's issue of Vogue Paris

I love the look of wet lashes: glossy and matted together; fresh and alluring. Like when you first step out of the pool or shower. 

Here's how you can get the look:

1. After curling lashes, rim the inner lid of upper lashes with a black eyeliner pencil. I use a light sketching motion to really get as deep into the lash line as possible.

2. Apply a few layers of black mascara to the upper and lower lashes. If you have a clear mascara or eyebrow gel, add a coat here.

3. Depending on the look, line the upper and lower lash line with either a black liquid liner or softer dark brown pencil. 

4. Add a tiny dab of clear lip gloss to a brush and brush it along the lash line, right above the liner. Try to get to the inner corner of the eye, as well as the inner quarter of the bottom lash line. Voilà! You've got the illusion of wet lashes.