The Beauty of Bolognese

You know what's really nice? Having a friend over for something chill and relaxed, like, making spaghetti bolognese. This is exactly what Ashley and I did last night... And we didn't even make the sauce ourselves! Citarella did! But this illustrates my point exactly: It wasn't meant to be a cook-off; it's about enjoying the company. Dinner need not be a complicated multi-course affair with elaborate dishes. 

If you're ever stressed out about cooking for someone, go buy pre-made bolognese sauce from a really nice gourmet market and you'll see that making dinner will be a breeze. The whole process literally takes about 15 minutes because all you're doing is heating up the sauce while you boil the pasta. The fun part, though, is doing some ad-hoc collaborating in the kitchen together. We were in a spicy mood. After we drained the spaghetti, we dressed it with Parma butter, salt and pepper, raw garlic and chopped chilies. This gave the dish a kick of heat. 

Ashley brought over a bottle of red, some prosciutto, and a ball of mozzarella, which we snacked on while cooking the pasta. (Well, we also snacked on pork rinds, but that's another story.) Just add good music, a bottle of hot sauce, girl talk, and... Bada-bing, ba-da boom!  You've got yourself some great quality time with a friend.