Hi, I'm Jessica Dang.

I'm a freelance writer and marketing/digital content strategist. I've worked for fashion companies, the art world, and start-ups. I love high-brow food (foie gras) as much as I do low-brow (instant ramen). To me, something is "chic" when it feels not quite complete. I live downtown in Greenwich Village, and, for the record, I'm not single. (I have a wonderful boyfriend.)  

SINGLE GIRL DINNER is my love letter to being an independent woman in New York City. It's a place for me to collect my special moments, musings, places, favorite things, and recipes. Working on this website has made me become a better writer, a cooler girlfriend, and closer to the best version of myself, in general. I hope you like it.


P.S. That's a picture that I took of myself when I decided to have a #singlegirldinner at Marea. When you're dining alone and you want a picture of yourself, it usually happens in the restaurant's bathroom with your iPhone.