There is only one very good life—and that’s the life you know you want and you make it yourself.
— Diana Vreeland

SINGLE GIRL DINNER isn't about a relationship status and it's not exclusively about food. It's a manifesto for being who you are–by embracing every single moment. It began as the Twitter account @singlegirldin in September 2011.


Inverness, CA May 2018

Hi, I'm Jessica Dang.

The idea for SINGLE GIRL DINNER occurred in 2010 when I was newly single. I'd come home from work at 10 p.m. and have a bowl of cereal (or something random of that nature) for dinner, which I lovingly called my "single girl dinner." I started the Twitter account @singlegirldin and used the hashtag #singlegirldinner for these quirky types of meals.

Soon enough, I saw that other women were using it too–and they weren't necessarily single. One woman was married to a high school football coach who worked late evenings during the season so she'd treat herself to chips and guacamole while watching Real Housewives marathons. Another was a mother of four whose #singlegirldinner moment was actually lunch. What began as a recording of what I ate when no one was around came to represent a cherished moment; the moment we have to ourselves. 

And so, #singlegirldinner expanded beyond what I was eating and delved more into my state of being. What happens for me in that moment sometimes feels completely outside of time: It's imprinted as a memory as it occurs. I wanted to capture that feeling somehow–that's why I started this blog.

I learned from a friend that, even when you figure out the love part, finding your place in the world is still a solo journey. I am grateful to my long-time readers who have made me feel like the journey is a little less lonely.